Release Stress, where to go?

Place to release stress

Don't stress over your holidays trip! Most people experience a "stressful" trip when they try to rush as many destination as possible!

Trip should be fun and enjoyable where you can have a cup of coconut drink, beautiful beach and gorgeous sun!

We are the leading service provider for your holiday needs in Sarawak, Malaysia. Enjoy your beach holidays with us today!

Everytime when we went for holidays, we always rush here and there, the time is so short and we had no time to see all the destinations and enjoy the foods as well. After that trip and we hope to join a very relax and enjoyable tours

From: Mr & Mrs Tan

Why should you choose us to have a relax and enjoyable beach vacation

  • Relax, Fun
    We can provide a wonderful, fun & relax trip
  • Enjoyable with no hassel
    No rush and definitely enjoyable trip
  • Attractive & affordable price
    We will provide you to have a valuable, attractive & affordable price

  • We will provide complimentary transport from airport to the destination & additional S$100 voucher discount

    Yes, i want to Order Now!

       We are having great time during my 3 days holidays in Sematan Beach.I would like to introduce "bidin", it is one kind of vegetable which only available in Sarawak.

    From: Charlie, Penang